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Post Construction Cleaning Service

━ After Construction Cleaning

From Messy Construction Site to Sparkling Clean Space

At Top Cleaning FL, we understand the chaos that comes with construction projects. Dust, debris, and grime can quickly accumulate, leaving your space anything but inviting. That’s where our Post-Construction Cleaning Service comes in!

Our highly skilled team pays close attention to detail and is dedicated to excellence. We’ll completely transform your construction zone into a beautiful and clean space. Every corner will be thoroughly cleaned, ensuring every inch shines like new.

━ House Cleaning Checklist

What Our Cleaning Services Include

Regular CleaningDeep CleaningMove in/out Cleaning
Vacuum & Mop all hardfloorsXXX
Dust all furnitureXXX
Wet clean baseboards and doorsXXX
Dust windows sills and ledgesXX
Wet clean windows sills and ledgesX
Spot clean wallsXX
Remove cobwebsXXX
Sweep all patios and decksXXX
Clean inside every cupboard and drawersX
Dust ceiling fans and light fixturesX
Wet clean ceiling fans and light fixturesX
Dust blindsXX
Wet clean blindsX
Making bedsXXX
Clean and sanitize sink and countertopsXXX
Clean outside appliancesXXX
Clean inside microwaveXXX
Clean ranges | stoveXXX
Clean ovenAdd-onAdd-onX
Clean inside refrigeratorAdd-onAdd-onX
Clean and sanitize sink and countertopsXXX
Wet clean all cabinets frontsXXX
Clean light fixturesXXX
Desinfect bathroom floorsXXX
Clean mirrorsXXX
Clean and sanitize toilet bowlXXX
Clean furnitureXXX
Vacuum RugsXXX
Dust light bulbsXXX
Wet clean light bulbsXX
Dust furnitureXXX
Window cleaning (inside only)XX

━ Extra Services

Tailored to Your Unique Needs






━ Keeping Boundaries Clear

What we do not Clean

━ Enjoy Your New Space Sooner and Cleaner

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